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Congratulations Ellie

I wanted to share some good news – today we are celebrating the promotion of Ellie Redwood to Office Manager at Flair for Recruitment. She has proven herself to be an incredibly valuable part of the team since joining as our Administrator in the summer of 2019. Although her administrative skills are still […]

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16 years with Sarah

I want to say a huge congratulations to our very own Sarah Crawford who has helped lead the team at Flair for 16 years this week! She has helped shape the business and culture over the years; kept us smiling through the tough times, and been a constant source of […]

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Sunrise reflections

A stunning sunrise this morning as I took a morning stroll to reset my mind for the coming weeks. One thing I am confident about is that the resilience we have all undoubtedly developed will be the making of us this year. My message for the Flair team is to […]

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Thank you!

A quick thank you to everyone who has left us a Google Review, we have just hit 260 reviews! We really appreciate the support, it means a lot to have such good feedback and motivates the whole office to know our hard work is appreciated. Take a look at our […]

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Career Motivations

Our recent poll on career motivators gave a stark picture of the modern jobhunter – people are not focused so much on salaries with only 23% selecting it as their main priority. Instead it seems that people are looking at the bigger picture with 43% prioritising finding a meaningful career. […]

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Our whole team love attending these events. We always leave feeling energised, and in awe of the amazing speakers who often have some incredible stories to share!

We’ve gained a huge amount in so many ways – inspirational speakers, thought-provoking messages & networking with other Bristol employers have given us a lot to think about!

The exposure to new ideas and thinking I get at Flair’s Talent Events is the best I’ve experienced in Bristol!