Why choose Bristol for IP?

Why choose Bristol for IP? Why is Bristol a great choice for intellectual property lawyers? The first thing to say is that we think Bristol is a great choice for everyone. But what about you? We know that IP lawyers are always in massive demand. Clients know that much of their value lies nowadays in … Read More

Talent and Growth Mindset

Reflecting on the inspiring talk by Matthew Syed at our 5th Talent event yesterday, it is clear that embracing a growth mindset can transform an organisation’s performance levels. For many firms, a fear of failure inhibits innovation and experimentation. Blame cultures often prevail. Junior members of staff feel unable to voice ideas and concerns. A … Read More

Is it time to take a chance with talent?

We had one of those brilliant little recruitment moments today – we sent a candidate’s profile to our client and they booked them in for an interview. The next day they called us back to say they had actually booked in the wrong person, but would honour the interview as the candidate was already on … Read More

Q&A with our Talent Event partner – Canada Life

Three years ago, we hosted our first ‘talent’ focused event for our clients. We had a vision of creating a ‘talent community’ in Bristol – a chance for business leaders and HR professionals from a range of top firms to get together and share best practice and discuss common challenges relating to talent. We are … Read More

Talent Challenges for 2018 – our survey says…

At our last event before Christmas, we asked our guests (80 business leaders/HR professionals) to indicate their biggest challenges relating to ‘Talent’. The data we collected showed that external issues such as attraction of talent, and being recognised as competitive in the market, are considered far more pressing challenges than those internally such as managing under-performance and … Read More

The 4 Day Week: Not quite the Utopian Dream…Yet!

At Flair 4 HQ we try our best to educate our clients about innovative ways to attract and retain talent (highlighted as the biggest challenge by some margin in a survey we held at our latest client event). From our experience, flexible working practices and enhanced work/life balance are hugely attractive to potential and existing … Read More

Carving out a niche – don’t tread too carefully!

One of the biggest challenges that we have always faced at Flair 4 is standing out in a highly competitive and busy market. To do this we have worked hard to carve out our own niche. Finding an area of your market that you are passionate about is crucial – if you are not excited … Read More

Calm after a political storm – Recruiting through 2016

  2016 has been a highly unusual year, with seismic shifts in the political and economic landscape shaking the recruitment market up. The year started well for Flair 4 Recruitment and we enjoyed a strong and busy first quarter. Then, as the EU referendum approached, there was a noticeable lull in recruitment activity. This persisted … Read More