Talent Challenges for 2018 – our survey says…

At our last event before Christmas, we asked our guests (80 business leaders/HR professionals) to indicate their biggest challenges relating to ‘Talent’. The data we collected showed that external issues such as attraction of talent, and being recognised as competitive in the market, are considered far more pressing challenges than those internally such as managing under-performance and … Read More

The 4 Day Week: Not quite the Utopian Dream…Yet!

At Flair 4 HQ we try our best to educate our clients about innovative ways to attract and retain talent (highlighted as the biggest challenge by some margin in a survey we held at our latest client event). From our experience, flexible working practices and enhanced work/life balance are hugely attractive to potential and existing … Read More

Carving out a niche – don’t tread too carefully!

One of the biggest challenges that we have always faced at Flair 4 is standing out in a highly competitive and busy market. To do this we have worked hard to carve out our own niche. Finding an area of your market that you are passionate about is crucial – if you are not excited … Read More

Calm after a political storm – Recruiting through 2016

  2016 has been a highly unusual year, with seismic shifts in the political and economic landscape shaking the recruitment market up. The year started well for Flair 4 Recruitment and we enjoyed a strong and busy first quarter. Then, as the EU referendum approached, there was a noticeable lull in recruitment activity. This persisted … Read More

Event: Transformational Leadership

“We left feeling pretty inspired and we’re already talking about where we can make a difference in terms of recruitment and employee engagement.”     As we enter a crucial period of the year, where budgets are being set and revised, we all have a clearer vision of what 2016 will look like for our … Read More

Does every employee understand what defines success?

  It is very telling when we go into a company and you talk to the receptionist, or the warehouseman or the customer service advisor, and you ask then what defines success for the organisation. I haven’t done a comprehensive scientific study on this, but in our experience it would be roughly 8 out of … Read More

Employee Engagement and Retention in a Changing Workforce

We all know that engaged employees are more likely to stay within the business if they are engaged with you as a leader, as an organisation and within their role and team. We have the most diverse and demanding workforce we have ever had with generations working alongside each other and people demanding more flexibility, … Read More

Flair Talent 2016

Flair Talent 2016 M Shed, Bristol 25th February 2016 3-6pm What to expect Using best practice examples from some of their most successful clients, our speakers will give you the most cutting-edge advice on Talent for 2016.  This event will leave you motivated with fresh insights to boost your recruitment, engagement and retention strategy for the … Read More

UK Earnings on the Rise

If you’ve been considering a change in career, now is an ideal time to make a move. The Office of National Statistics has released a report showing an increase in earnings of 2.9% compared to the same period last year. This is the fastest increase since 2009. With employment levels so high, firms are recognizing … Read More

Good news for graduates!

The graduate job market is showing further signs of growth – an annual survey undertaken by the Association of Graduate Recruiters showed really positive results in terms of graduates and employment opportunities; here are our top 3 picks from the survey: Compared to 2014 a 13.2% increase has been seen in terms of the number … Read More