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Career Motivations

Our recent poll on career motivators gave a stark picture of the modern jobhunter – people are not focused so much on salaries with only 23% selecting it as their main priority.
Instead it seems that people are looking at the bigger picture with 43% prioritising finding a meaningful career. The social element also seems to be a strong consideration, taking 28% of votes.

Full results:
Feeling the job is meaningful – 43%
Liking the team you will be working with – 28%
The pay and benefits – 23%
The reputation of the firm – 6%

This reinforces what I have just been reading in Rutger Bregman’s fascinating book ‘Humankind’. He makes a strong case against traditional capitalist (money/reward based) approaches to motivation. Instead, he shows that intrinsic motivation is far more powerful – people are more willing to put effort into something that they find interesting, enjoyable and gives a sense of purpose, than something well rewarded but lacking in meaning or enjoyment.

As Bregman concludes – ‘nothing is more powerful than people who do something because they want to do it.’