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The Importance of Feeling Valued

2020 had kicked-off…I had so many plans!

I returned to work in February after 9 months maternity leave. We had nailed the morning routine, our baby had mastered sleeping through the night and recruitment was as busy and exciting as it had ever been!

7 weeks in and those fateful words..”stay at home” were announced and the world’s routine was thrown into disarray.

Everyone has had their personal journeys throughout this time. At the beginning I struggled with adapting to being back at home full time after focusing my energy on returning to work. I naturally had concerns about the world of recruitment as a whole. I worried for my friends and family who had to adapt to working from home and juggle schooling and for those who lived on their own and didn’t have immediate support from others. This on top of the worrying and heart breaking stories of victims of the virus and the brave key workers was at times overwhelming.

Immediately the team at Flair knew we had to draw on something we always pride ourselves on – our team values. We listen, we react positively, productively and with integrity, whether that be when working on a vacancy, building relationships with candidates and clients or dealing with a pandemic!

We immediately decided to hold daily video calls with the whole team with a focus on morale and well-being. We set weekly fitness goals such as to run 100 km in a month, push up challenges or ‘couch to 5k’ and we held daily quizzes to keep our minds active. We also discussed how we could improve company processes and how we can support our clients and candidates who were being equally affected.

We said we will get through this.. and we are! One by one we are returning to the office as we see the green shoots of business return. We return to a team who have become closer and more compassionate not only towards each other but towards our clients and candidates. We recognise new strengths in each other (and certain weaknesses thanks to the virtual quizzes!) and we will continue to appreciate every little success!

I am thankful during this time that I saw my daughter take her first steps and I heard her first words, I’m in awe of my 6 year old son’s resilience and patience at adapting to home schooling. I realise what a strong team my husband and I are…and that you can go to the pub on a Friday night albeit virtual!

Importantly, I also learnt from my fantastically supportive team the importance of being valued!

We can proudly say, we got through this together and we will continue to adapt to our new “normal” and use our experiences to provide continued support to all of our business partners.

2020 isn’t over yet…plans can still be made.

Claire – Senior Consultant